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GimPhoto is GIMP modification with new menu layout, great selection of plugins, and many additional resources for more professional look and feel as digital photo retouching and image editing application package.

Month: September, 2008

GimPhoto for Linux at TuxFamily.org

6 September, 2008 (15:26) | News | By: admin

Actually GimPhoto for Linux files is located at http://uploader.polorix.net
that is a download center that mainly used for Blender users.

When i released GimPhoto for Linux, the GimPhoto GooglePage repository is running out of space, actually i will delete old files release but at GooglePage appearently we can’t delete our files then they suggest me to submit open ticket to ask about additional storage. But after more than week without answer then i search other open source project hosting.

GimPhoto already have Sourceforge.net account but Sourceforge.net release system and control panel is difficult to use and i think is more suitable for larger project with many developers, so i search other alternatives.

So for that moment, the easy fast solution and it’s taken as desperate move is to upload GimPhoto for Linux files to uploader.polorix.net.

Today i read news at Blender forum, there is a user reporting that uploader.polorix.net is down, i hope this is not because GimPhoto… but if it is really happen because of GimPhoto then i’m really sorry.

Now i move GimPhoto for Linux files to here with hope that this new GimPhoto home can handle more traffic and more reliable for GimPhoto users.

Thank you very much uploader.polorix.net, sorry for much trouble…
Thank you very much tuxfamily.org for giving us new home \(^__^)/

Thank’s TuxFamily.org

4 September, 2008 (19:46) | News | By: admin

Welcome to GimPhoto site that hosted at TuxFamily.org

Thank’s to TuxFamily.org that accept GimPhoto as TuxFamily members.
Thank’s a lot for many hosting facilities with easy to use control panel and the most important one is great user support and fast responses.

I hope GimPhoto can become bigger with help from TuxFamily.org, Thank you very much! (^__^)=b